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I got a Like to Know It account!!! This means that you can shop all of my clothes through an app. Just download the Like to Know it App (for free) and search my username @melgalmin. This app will give you direct links to the clothes I am wearing in my Instagram pictures. If you follow me on Instagram and like the clothes I’m wearing in that certain picture then screenshot it and it will appear in your app! So easy and don’t forget to buy through my links. The reason I didn’t post last week’s “What I Wore” is because I was studying for a big accounting test, and didn’t know if you would prefer to just shop my looks through the app or not. That being said, I will continue to post “What I Wore” on a weekly basis.

A little life update: The past few weeks have been so crazy for me, and I’m so sad that I haven’t had the time to write anything up. I am getting less busy with school, so I am going to try and post at least twice a week on the blog. A hair tutorial has been heavily requested and I PROMISE I am working on it. I have already filmed it, but I ran into a lot of issues involving editing and then uploading to IGTV. There are lots of fun posts I am planning to put out for you soon, so make sure you are subscribed, please!

What I Wore: 

IMG_5589These jeans are my everything! They are high waisted, ripped and such good quality. I love buying jeans from Gap because they always fit so well. The first pair I will be linking is the non-ripped version. The second pair is the exact same pair I am wearing in this picture. These jeans are only $29 right now. What a deal? I don’t have the link for the top because I have had it for 3 years now. Always remember if you want to switch up the style of an old top you can always knot the front of it! The shoes are my fav Steve Madden sandals that are just $28 at Macy’s now.


DSC_0072 2

I know white linen isn’t huge during the fall, but for Florida linen is always in style when you throw it over a bathing suit. These linen pants are on sale! This super cute bathing suit was purchased at Shore for only $20!!! If you have ever shopped at Shore you know this is a huge deal. Unfortunately, I can’t find a sale link and you’ll have to buy in the store. I’m not positive if the sale is still going on, but I would definitely check it out if you live in Sarasota, FL.








I purchased this cute little dress a few years ago, so I can’t find the exact link. I will link a few cute jeans dresses: here, here and here.






I’ve talked about this skirt on Instagram way too much, but what’s not to love? You can dress it up and dress it down! You could always use a faux leather skirt in your closet! I’ve been using this Target Crossbody bag for everything, and it comes in 6 colors! Also, did you notice I took this picture on a tripod? If you want an iPhone tripod I think I might’ve found the best one (only $15)!



I hope you enjoyed my favorite outfits from the past couple of weeks! I’ve got a ton of posts planned for you, but is there anything specific you would like to see? This could be anything from styling tips to hair/ makeup tutorials. Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe because you won’t want to miss everything I have planned for this fall!

With love, Melissa

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