What I Wore: 08/08- 08/15

I am getting this out to you way later than expected because the jet lag has been hitting me pretty hard since I’ve been home!! This week I basically lived in my Adidas Shoes so I’m just going to leave the tag here. As much as I love my Adidas sneakers I am so happy to be wearing something else. Now that I’m home and not having to mix and match all of my outfits there will be a lot more variety in next week’s post!

IMG_1962I started the week off with a cute, comfy and affordable top I got from Zara! I love that it’s neutral and how it looks different than my other tops because of its boxy shape. Zara has a lot of good sale items when it comes to basics so I would check that out! You’ve seen these jeans before and you will see them again because they are my favorites!! They are 40% off so PLEASE go order yourself a pair! These Steve Madden Shoes are so comfy and match with almost everything. The perfect accessory, my Longchamp Le Pliage bag. You really can’t go wrong with these bags because they are so durable, can hold so much and they’re cute!



Out of everything I packed for my London trip I think this romper was worn the most. This romper from Gap comes in a few different colors, but I chose black because it is so simple! Highly suggest getting one of these because it is truly so comfy and great for everything. For sizing reference, I am an XS.






I got this button up at a thrift store in London and immediately fell in love! If you are good at sewing I don’t think this would be too challenging to make. The shirt size is Men’s XL. I tried to find similar shirts for purchase and there seem to be a few on this Etsy page. I’m not in love with that Etsy page so I did some searching and found this Pinterest page that will show you how to make just about anything with a men’s button-up shirt.



Can’t wait to be sharing some of my Nordstrom sale outfits with you next week!! Do you want me to post a “What I Wore” every week or every other week? Let me know what you think!

With love, Melissa


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