12 Travel Apps I Can’t Live Without

Our phones can be so helpful when it comes to travel and saving money! So before you get into all of the pre-trip packing crazies sit down with a cup of tea and start downloading. You won’t regret using up some storage to get these amazing apps!

Apps to use before you leave:

  1. Packpoint – Worried you’re not going to be able to remember everything you need to pack? All you have to do is type in your destination, how long you’ll be staying, what activities you will be doing while you’re there and packpoint will make a perfect packing list for you. It honestly includes everything you need so you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. You can also add to the list if you would like. Almost forgot to mention that packpoint takes into account the weather of your destination and will customize your list accordingly.
  2. Duolingo –  You want to make sure you can communicate at least a little bit because how else are you supposed to order something delicious off of a cafe menu? Duolingo teaches you the language basics and quizzes you with fun games. Start practicing before you leave so you feel confident!

Save money and stay organized on flights:

  1. Student Universe – Student Universe is an app and a website that finds you student discounts on good flights with reliable airlines. This is a HUGE money saver. I mentioned this in one of my other posts, but I’ll say it again: I saved almost $500 on a round-trip flight to Europe because of this app!!!!
  2. Sky Scanner – This app compares flights, hotels and car rentals to make sure you’re aware of the best deals out there!
  3. Your Airline App – Make sure you have the app for whatever airline your flying. This will keep you organized and make it really easy to check in, pay for extra bags and switch your seat if you want to.

While your traveling:

  1. Uber – Uber taxis are available in around 80 countries! Most likely, wherever you go you’ll be able to call a taxi with a trusted driver and pay directly from your phone.
  2. CityMaps2Go – This app is amazing because it is completely offline! All you have to do is download the map of your area once while you are on wifi, and then you will never have to use wifi to get to that map again. The map shows you where you are and leads you to the place you want to be. You’ll never get lost!
  3. WhatsApp –  This is a really organized app that allows you to call and text when you have wifi. Just make sure you tell your friends from home to download it too so you’ll have people to text and call.
  4. Airbnb –  Great website and app not only because it offers beautiful affordable places to stay all over the world, but also because it shows you a list of ” top-rated experiences” in the location you’re staying in. The categories you can choose from include: Arts, Classes & Workshops, Food & Drink, History and the list goes on.
  5. HostelWorld – The app has the same set up as Airbnb without the top-rated experiences! Hostel World shows you the best hostels in your area along with reviews and prices.

Just for fun:

  1. Color story – A fun photo editing app that you can use after you take tons of beautiful pictures of your vacation!!
  2. Been- This app makes me want to travel the whole world! You type in every country you’ve visited and it highlights them on a world map. You see where you’ve been and you see how much you have left to go!

This is not an ad I truly do love all of these apps and I think they are extremely useful! I know my other blog posts have been more fun, but I really wanted to post this one for you guys to make sure you knew how much your phone can help you while you’re abroad. Are there any apps you can’t live without? What are your travel plans for this summer? Let me know in the comment section!

With love, Melissa



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