Topstitching Trend

Micro Trend Alert: Topstitching!!

Topstitching, if not obvious, just means that the stitching is on the top of the item instead of inside. I noticed the topstitching trend a few months ago and wanted to see if it would stick and it certainly did. I can see the trend continuing through Summer but, I can’t guarantee it will be in for a long time. So I’ve found a few places you can get it for an affordable price. Look trendy without breaking the bank is a mood.

I love the topstitch look because it is really unique and topstitching looks different on every piece of clothing! I’ve found topstitching in neutrals, neons, and even pastels so no matter your style you’ll find something you like.

Wearing it also makes you look like you know what’s in and what’s out in fashion. It’ll also add a little edge to your look. If I were you, I would only purchase two pieces at most just so it doesn’t look like all you wear is topstitch. I recommend that for any micro trend (just get one piece and you’re good to go). Did I mention there are so many different ways to style it? You can wear it as a set, you can wear it with leggings, joggers, skirts, and denim.

As always the pictures below are clickable & shoppable!


Hope you find something you like!
With love, Melissa



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