The Best Gifts Mark & I Have Given to Each other

I am very lucky to be dating Mark because he is one of the BEST gift-givers! He always manages to surprise me, and get me exactly what I want every single year. The gifts I’ve included below are just some of the highlights and not so much the personal gifts.

Other gifts I’ve treasured that are not below, include, clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, surprise trips, and merch from my favorite podcast!! If you are giving someone a gift and know they have a favorite podcast make sure to check the podcast website to see if they have merch. Usually, people won’t buy themselves merch, so that is why IT IS THE BEST GIFT!

As always, this graphic is clickable and shoppable!

Gifts I’ve gotten Mark from this graphic:

  • 23 & Me: This was so fun to gift! Mark got to learn about himself and I got to learn with him!
  • Ninja Coffee Maker: Definitely a splurge, but he loves his coffee and I know he uses it and appreciates it every single day. It makes cold brew in 10 minutes, also makes the best hot coffee, and includes a frother.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker: I love how affordable this is! I got this for Mark 2 years ago and he used it all the time. It’s also so easy to use.
  • A Kettle: This sounds like a silly gift, but I got it for him 2+ years ago and he uses it every single day.
  • The Weekender Bag: This is a great gift if your guy doesn’t already have one. It’s really durable, easy to carry, and the perfect size for a weekend getaway trip.
  • Wine Glasses: I didn’t get him these exact glasses. I’m pretty sure I picked some up from HomeGoods, but these are on Amazon so I thought they’d be easier for you to get. I love these and we always use them!

Gifts Mark has gotten me from this graphic:

  • The 10 pound weighted blanket: He got this for me 2 Christmases ago and WOW I cannot sleep without it and it has improved the quality of my sleep so much.
  • AirPods: I use them every day and they are so worth the price.
  • Beauty Fridge: I got this last Christmas and love putting all of my skincare + makeup products in it. When I apply my products and they’re cold I feel like it wakes up my face and it is such a nice feeling.
  • Make-up brushes: I use these every single time I apply makeup. They are of such good quality and it’s a set of 16 so it includes everything you need!
  • Beauty Blender: While other off-brand beauty blenders are great, you can really tell the difference when using an actual Beauty Blender. I loved this gift because I usually wouldn’t buy a real BB for myself.

Keep checking back this week for more gift guides!

With love, Melissa




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