The Best Drinks at Epcot

This past weekend I went to Epcot to drink around the world with my friends and it was a blast. Going into this trip I wish I would’ve had an easy “best drink and food guide” to follow, so I thought I’d make one for you if you ever decide to make the trip! All of the specialty drinks are pretty pricey, but they don’t water them down at all so you really get what you’re paying for. I didn’t get too many pictures of each drink by itself, so some of the pictures below are mine and some are not.


  • The United Kingdom
    • Rose & Crown Pub
      • The Leaping Leprechaun: This is a sweet and sour drink, but it is the equivalent of two drinks because the glass they pour it into is huge.
      • It has a bright green color which is fun for pictures and ingredients include: Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Melon Liqueur, sweet and sour, and sprite.


  • France
    • The Bakery
      • Mimosas
      • Champagne Flights
      • Get anything from the bakery and be sure to try the croissant (it’s huge)

  • Japan
    • The Pavillion
      • Sake
      • It’s not my favorite, but maybe I just didn’t try the right one


  • The United States
    • The U.S. had some of the best drinks!!
    • Go to the far left of the U.S. behind the BBQ smoker and order these delicious drinks
      • The Mint Julep
      • Texas Mule
      • Moonshine Sour

  • Italy
    • Go to Tutto Wine Cellar
      • Have all of the wine your heart desires
      • Try the sangria

  • Germany
    • Be prepared to wait in a very long line for beer
    • Get yourself a pretzel while you’re there

  • China
    • China was my favorite country to visit because it had the most unique drinks
    • The Joy of Tea Kiosk
      • Tipsy Ducks in Love: cold tea, coffee, bourbon whiskey, and chocolate
      • The perfect afternoon pick me up
      • Also, get eggrolls here
    • The Painted Panda Booth
        • The Sea Butterfly: vodka, lychee syrup, rum, and boba pearls
        • Very light and refreshing and the perfect amount of sweetness

  • Mexico
    • Tequila Bar
      • Cucumber Margarita
      • This drink is so light and flavorful
      • The salt and spices they use on the rim are not great though so if you’re picky ask for them not to put it on

& that’s a wrap! Looking back I wish I went through the countries slower and had spent more time in France, The United States, China, and Mexico. Next time I wouldn’t go somewhere to eat. I would eat small snacks in every country. I have an Epcot vlog coming to my Youtube channel on Sunday, so don’t miss it. Enjoy Epcot and I hope this post helps you out!

With love, Melissa


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