Swimwear I Am Loving Right Now

It’s Summertime which means it’s about time I put on my Summer uniform: Swimwear! Being a FL girl means I know a good bathing suit when I see one. I’m going to list out a few of my favorite places to shop and include some of my favorite swimwear from each store right underneath so it’s easy for you to shop. As always every graphic is clickable and shoppable.

Dippin’ Daisys: They recently launched a new line for this summer and everything they sell is comfortable and flattering! I can’t pick a favorite so just check out their website because I promised you’ll love everything.

SheIn: Definitely the most affordable! These bathing suits are super trendy, but you have to read the reviews! Most of them are of good quality, but some fit oddly.

TopShop: Good quality and trendy!

Asos: More affordable and I love that they have petite, regular, and tall options along with options for girls with bigger chests.

Nordstrom: I always find something cute and quality at Nordstrom!

Midori: Such a cute company and I won’t be able to tell you my favs because they are all my favs, so check out their site!

I hope you liked this post because there are plenty more coming your way when I discover new bikinis! You know I’ll always keep you up to date on the latest and greatest. Happy shopping!

With love, Mel


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