Nordstrom Sale: Tips on Spending!

Eeeeepppp!!! I am too excited about this sale. Early access to the sale has already started for Nordstrom cardmembers. The sale starts July 20th for those who don’t have Nordstrom cards. This post is all about how you can get the most from the sale without spending everything in your wallet and bank account and in some cases spending money you don’t even have yet. I go crazy every time I go to Nordstroms (sale or no sale) its a really bad habit! I’ll be sharing a few of my tips and a few items I have already fallen in love with! Remember, I know its hard, self-control is key.

Tips on Spending:

  1. List before you shop: Before you go into the store or even take a peek at the website make a list of things you have been wanting/ needing. Don’t waste your time filling your cart just to go back through and empty/delete items because you can’t afford them. Save yourself the heartbreak and make a list.
  2. Set a budget range: I always go into Nordstrom saying “I’m only going to spend a little bit.” I’m wrong every time. You don’t know what certain things will be priced at so set a good range to keep yourself accountable.
  3. Don’t buy it just because it’s cute: If you can’t picture a time or place where you will be able to wear that cute piece of clothing then don’t get it!!! This seems so obvious, but you need to get stuff you can see yourself wearing a few times. You could be in love with a top but if you don’t have a place to wear it then save that purchase for another time.
  4. Stay online: If you go to the store there might not be as many options by the time you get shopping. If there happens to be a lot of options then you know just how easy it is to pile everything cute into your cart. Very very dangerous!
  5. Shop for fall: Shop for fall while prices are nice and low! Get a full fall outfit with a couple of sweaters so you can mix and match them. Having a couple of perfect outfits going into fall will make you feel super confident.

For more info on the sale:

I will be leaving for Europe soon so I won’t be able to fill you in on ALL of my favorites from the sale, but there are TONS of bloggers who will! They’ll be linking their favorites on their Insta stories, so make sure you use their links. Bloggers: Bre Sheppard , Heather Poppie , Karlie Rae , and Whitswhims are only just a few of my favorites who are covering the sale.

A couple of my favs:

Lace Trim Satin Camisole

Varsity Stripe Sweater

Mock Neck Colorblock Sweater

The Madison Straight Leg Crop Jeans

Steve Madden Reece Sock Bootie

A-Line Suede Skirt

Leith Tie Front Skort

Mo Seam Detail Popper Sweater

Crew Neck Sweater

Don’t feel too bad about splurging on some cute pieces!! You deserve it! Just think about it… you were probably going to get it anyway for double the price, but now you can get it for so much cheaper. Remember to be smart, get what you need, treat yo self, but don’t go over your budget!!! Share some of your shopping tips and favorite finds in the comments section.

With love, Melissa


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