My Thoughts on The Overture Restaurant & Gallery Lounge at The Art Ovation Hotel

The Art Ovation Hotel caught my attention when they first opened their rooftop pool bar with jaw-dropping views of Sarasota. Little did I know that that wasn’t even the best part of the hotel. Last week The Overture Restaurant in the Art Ovation put a few new things on their menu and invited some Sarasota bloggers to try them out. I am now convinced that The Overture Restaurant & Gallery Louge is the best part of the hotel. The service was excellent, Executive Chef Mark cooked amazing food and the art and atmosphere were fantastic.

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Let’s start with what I wore! My dress didn’t come in time for the event so a sweet friend of mine gave me hers, and it was comfortable and beautiful!
Dress: Can be found on Amazon for less than $25.

Clutch: This exact one is alligator skin and stolen from my mom’s closet (sorry Mom!), but I’ve linked something similar here. A cheaper option here.

Shoes: Michael Kors wedges and boy were they comfy! They’re 40% off right now.


Food & Drink


The table setting looked flawless & the first few drinks they served were amazing!

Get On Your Feet (The Green Drink): This one was my favorite because it was so refreshing.

  • Absolute Peppar, housemade juice (celery, cucumber, green pepper), lime juice and simple syrup.

Curtain Call:

  • Tito’s vodka, lavender syrup, fresh lemon juice, and an orchid!



Charcuterie Palette: 

  • Domestic artisan cheese & cured meats, honeycomb, Mediterranean olives.
  • This was the perfect mix of salty & sweet and I would definitely order it again.

Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese: 

  • White cheese fondue with wild mushroom, cavatappi noodles & sweet cornbread crust.
  • This was perfection.

Gulf Coast Shrimp “Cocktail”:

  • This tasted so fresh especially when paired with cocktail sauce & lemon.
  • It was also aesthetically pleasing because of the fog that poured out of the glass.




The Overture Salad: 

  • Don’t be alarmed this was just the sample size and the actual size is a lot bigger.
  • Baby lettuce, strawberries, candied pecans, feta cheese, raspberry poppy seed dressing and their fresh baked bread on the side!





Dome Smoked Chicken: 

  • Pan jus, purple Peruvian potatoes, chef’s vegetable.
  • This chicken was cooked to perfection & the Peruvian potatoes were very yummy.

Triple Grind Burger & Hand Cut Fries:

  • I think this one had to be Mark’s (my boyfriend not the chef) favorite. It was extremely delicious and so juicy. I strongly suggest getting this one.
  • House-made beer cheese, caramelized onion, shredded lettuce, bacon mayo & tomato.

Whole Fried Snapper: 

  • Vegetable pad tai, soy ginger glaze.
  • If you love snapper you will LOVE this dish!



If you know me you know that my heart is wherever the chocolate & red wine are. You cannot go wrong with any of the desserts they have to offer. The Overture Red is one of the best reds I’ve ever had. They don’t always have it in stock because it is very hard to get so when they do have it you need to try it. If these pictures didn’t make your mouth water I don’t know what will.

Mark & I had the most amazing time at The Overture Restaurant & Gallery Louge and we will definitely be heading back there soon. Treat yourself and head to The Overture (located in downtown Sarasota in The Art Ovation Hotel) for a spectacular meal. I promise you it will not disappoint.

With Love, Melissa


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