My Skincare + Light Makeup Menu

The skincare + makeup combo you’ve all been waiting for! I started a new skincare routine in January and my face is thanking me for it BIG TIME. I have never felt this good in my skin. To be totally transparent, I’ve never really struggled with acne, but I have dealt with a lot of redness and a bit of an uneven skin tone. In the past, I would NEVER feel comfortable leaving the house without a tinted moisturizer, but all of that has changed.

In the graphic below you’ll find my skincare and makeup menu. Some items are affordable and some are really pricey. Out of all of these, I think the ESSENTIALS are: The La Roche Posay Cleanser + Moisturizer (use my code “Melissa20” for 20% off), the Tula SPF, and the Milk Makeup blush.

I’m so happy I committed to taking care of my skin because now I feel confident with or without makeup and this is huge for me because I LOVE light, glowy, and natural makeup.

To get the links for these products all you need to do is click the text of the product titles!

If you have any questions please DM me!!

With love, Melissa



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