My Personal Gift Guide

This is the first year I’ll be sharing my personal gift guide! I decided to share it because I feel like if you’ve been following me then you probably like the same things I do. Maybe you can add some of these gifts to your list this year!

TIP: If you’re trying to drop a subtle hint send this link (this one here) to the person who is buying you gifts and say something along the line of “This ___ item is so cute” or “This ___ item would be so nice to have.” *look at us being sneaky together 😉 * 

Before we get into my gift guide I want to let everyone know that I put a lot of items on here because I LOVE creating gift guides. I don’t want anyone in my family or any of my friends to feel pressured to buy me anything on this list. The truth is, 2020 has been a crazy year, but it has taught me that I have so much to be grateful for. My health, my family, my faith, this amazing blog community I have here and so much more. I feel so blessed every day!!!

Now let’s get into it 😉 As always, everything on this graphic is clickable and shoppable! I tried to cover all price ranges here, so I hope you find something you like. Below the image, I’ll write about why I chose to put these items on this gift guide.

I carefully selected these items because I wanted to make sure that I would really be able to use all of them multiple times.

  • The Accessories:
    • I always layer necklaces and bracelets so I know I’d use them every day.
    • I added the watches because I don’t have many watches that are this style. I think adding a gold watch to a look elevates the looks always!
    • Click here for the year necklace that I couldn’t link above. This is a splurge, but great quality and it will last a long time!

  • The Clothes
    • I am a big fan of clothes that I can mix and match so the Nike crewnecks make perfect sense to me! You can wear them all year round with denim, tennis skirts, joggers, and honestly whatever you want. They go with everything and they have a super chic look.
    • I added the joggers because everyone needs a good pair of joggers!
    • The running shorts are great because I don’t have any and Lulu’s has the best quality. I use to own a ton of these in high school and they would have lasted me years if I didn’t grow, lol 🍑!

  • The Tech + tech accessories
    • I am dying to have an iPad. It would make work so much easier on the go, but I’m thinking I might have to save up for this one. If you have a creative guy or gal in your life they will treasure this gift.
    • Blue light blocking glasses! Everyone needs them and if you’re going to get them why not get the cute pair?

  • The Beauty
    • Clinique Chubby Sticks are the best! They are so hydrating and because the color is light every color looks great on every complexion. When I saw this holiday deal I knew I had to share it!!
    • I added beauty blenders here because they are sold in a pack on Amazon and most people use them to apply makeup. The one I have now should be burned it is so disgusting, lol. I could definitely go for a pack of fresh ones!
    • Hair clips to keep your hair out of your face while doing skincare or makeup. Not essential, but you definitely feel like Kim Kardashian when you use them, soooo I’d say they’re worth it.
    • Chanel hand lotion is so cute in its small egg packaging. I love keeping lotion in my bag during the winter and the first place you notice aging is the hands!! You gotta get that moisture. This would be a great gift for someone who loves designer items.
    • My Chanel lipstick has lasted me 5 years and I have used it almost every day. I’d love to get this new color 138 “Feel” because it’s more of a glossy look. I think this shade would look great on any complexion.

  • Miscellaneous
    • I’m a sucker for anything pink and this collapsable Stojo cup was too adorable for me not to put on the list. It comes in a few different colors if pink isn’t your thing!
    • I also included Claudia Oshry’s new book! It doesn’t come out until January, but it’s available for pre-order and I know I’ll want to read it.
    • The little wallet! My wallet is currently falling apart so I thought this little one would be cute to have.

I had fun sharing this with you! I hope you found something that you like or something that you’d like to gift to someone else.

With love, Melissa




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