My Favorite Hair Care Products

 If you follow me on Instagram you know that a hair tutorial has been heavily requested. My beachy curls tutorial is up on IGTV @melgalmin.  Along with this quick video, I really wanted to share some of the products I’ve been using so you have a place to find them!


Shampoo, Conditioner & Toning Spray:

I am OBSESSED with the Platinum Blonde trio (Shampoo, Conditioner, Toning Spray) because they are supposed to cool brassiness and they always keep my hair looking like I just got my highlights in. I only get my highlights done every 4 months so these products are huge to me. If you’re interested in buying this product then I would definitely buy the set because it will come out to be way cheaper than buying them individually.

Texture Spray:

I swear by the Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray! I just got it a couple of weeks ago and it has changed my hair for the better. It makes my hair look so much fuller and I love it! & it doesn’t leave behind any residue.


I’m always using different hairspray, but I really like the Bb spray because it’s so light. I usually use this for more frizz taming than actual hold.

If you ever have questions about hair products let me know! These are just the ones I used in the process of making my beachy curls look. If you haven’t seen the video you should definitely check it out! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @melgalmin IGTV.

With love, Melissa




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