Last Minute Amazon Gift Guide

Did you get so busy decorating that you forgot to buy presents? Don’t worry I’m looking out for you. I created an Amazon Prime gift guide with gifts that everyone will love, so you can order today and get gifts soon! So many stocking stuffer options too!! A lot of you have been using my links to shop and I couldn’t be more appreciative of that so thank you! Keep using my links, please. I hope you enjoy this gift guide!


  1. The Amazon Fire Stick: This one is perfect for seriously anyone from a college student to anyone who doesn’t have a smart TV. Just plug the firestick into the TV and you have Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu & so many other apps. STOCKING STUFFER
  2. What Do You Meme Game: This would be a perfect gift for any millennial in your life!
  3. Trendy Glass Water Bottle: You could get this for anybody! It comes in a few different colors so don’t worry if you think pink is too girly. STOCKING STUFFER
  4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Anyone who works with computers or spends a lot of time on their cell phone would appreciate this gift. The best part about them? They’re pretty affordable and come in several different styles. STOCKING STUFFER 
  5. Wine Vaccum Plug: The wine drinker in your family will love you. STOCKING STUFFER
  6. Selfie light ring: I like this gift because people wouldn’t think to buy this one for themselves but they would love to receive it! STOCKING STUFFER 
  7. Cozy robe: This one is only $15 and comes in 5 different colors for any lady in your life!
  8. Eyelash mug: I added this one because I thought it was just the cutest. STOCKING STUFFER 
  9. Initial Necklace: This necklace is a dupe of a way more expensive necklace and it is only $15. I’m about to purchase this one for myself. Every letter of the alphabet and it comes in silver and gold. STOCKING STUFFER
  10. Cold Brew Coffee Maker: A coffee lovers dream and very affordable too.
  11. Bathtub Tray: Who wouldn’t love to receive this?
  12. Pom Pom Beanie: This is so trendy, comes in so many colors and would get lots of use. STOCKING STUFFER
  13. Pullover: This comes in a few colors and would be so cute for colder weather.
  14. Insulated champagne flutes: This is a PERFECT gift!! These come in packs of 4 but could easily be split up between friends and there you go, gifts for 4 people. I love that they come in a few colors and have lids too. I want to thank whoever invented this. STOCKING STUFFER

Make sure that you went through that whole list especially #14 because I think that one is a personal favorite. You could either buy through my links on this website or follow me on the LIKE TO KNOW IT APP (@melgalmin is my username) and you can shop directly through those links too.  You only have a few more days to purchase gifts so make sure you get to it! Merry Christmas everyone!

With love, Melissa


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