How to Pack and What to Pack

Packing is so important if you want to stay organized during your trip! Having an organized suitcase won’t only give you peace of mind while checking off your packing list, it’ll also make it so much easier for you to unpack once you reach your destination.

My Packing Rules: 

  1. Make a list: This will help you stay organized, not forget anything, and not overpack!
  2. Get a good suitcase: Good suitcases can be found anywhere. Don’t feel like you have to buy a really expensive suitcase for it to be a good one. TJMaxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack all sell affordable suitcases. Make sure your luggage has wheels so it’s easier to travel around with. I promise wheels are a lifesaver.
  3. Roll your clothes: If you’re an over-packer you also need to be a smart packer! Rolling your clothes will save you so much room. You can look on Youtube for videos on rolling your clothes.
  4. PACKING SQUARES: These will save your life and they are my biggest tip when it comes to packing. They’re cheap, durable, easy to find and reusable. They’re such a good investment. Any of these options on Amazon will work!
  5. Bring the basics: Bring the basics so you can mix and match. Yes, pack those statement pieces you’ve been waiting to use for this trip, but also bring a lot of outfits you can mix and match so you don’t have to pack as much.
  6. No luggage tags: As cute as luggage tags can be I don’t suggest buying them. If you’re checking a bag do not use an expensive luggage tag. Too many of my luggage tags have been ripped off in the process of loading and unloading on the baggage claim.  I suggest using one of the paper tags your airline provides along with a note inside of your bag with your name/ phone number/ where you will be staying.  I know my suitcases look pretty generic so if you’re worried about missing your bag on the baggage claim you could always wrap a bright color of duct tape somewhere on your bag. BUT if you’re only bringing a carry on then go for it!! Get that cute luggage tag!! I’m obsessed with the “I’m outta here” luggage tag from Amazon.
  7. The carry-on:  If you decide you want to take a carry-on and a suitcase I suggest you pack your carry-on very carefully. Put everything in the carry-on that you need day to day (contacts, glasses, medications, anything that is expensive, a couple days worth of clothes). Everything you can’t live without NEEDS to be included because it is very possible your luggage could get lost and you might have to go a couple of days without it.
  8. Don’t overpack: I’m guilty of it. I think we all are, but my biggest advice to you is not to overpack. It’s only more stressful for you, and you won’t have much room left for all of the souvenirs you’ll be bringing back!

Check out my “Don’t Forget These 10 Travel Essentials!”  to make sure you pack everything you need. Feel free to comment if you have any more questions about packing. If you have any packing tips you would like to share I would love to hear them, so get commenting!!

With love, Melissa


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