How to make a vision board

This week I made a vision board and it was one of the most entertaining things I have done in a while. I made one by myself but this would be such a fun activity for a girl’s wine night! The point of a vision board is to set goals for yourself, place them in a collage-like format on a board and hang the board where you can see it every day so that you are constantly reminded of your goals. A lot of people like to call this “manifesting” your dreams/goals. I think it is so fun and important to set goals and think positively about your future, so why not make a board for yourself?

I made a YouTube video talking all about the ins and outs of making a vision board. You can watch it by clicking here.

What you need to know before making a vision board: 

  • You need supplies: 
    • a hard poster board 
    • paper for matting 
    • fun stickers
    • printed out pictures that are in line with your goals. You can find some inspiration from my Pinterest board here.
  • What to include on your board: 
    • personal growth goals
    • health goals
    • relationship goals: not only with your partner but also with your family and spiritual relationship
    • business/ education goals
    • travel
    • hobbies
    • things that make you happy to look at because remember you’ll be seeing this board every day
    • inspiration quotes
  • The timeline:
    • There are no rules for this! My board was set up to include general goals for the next 5 years but yours could be the next six months, the next year, the next 2 years. It is up to you!

Have fun with it and reach out to me if you have any questions. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board!

With love, Mel


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