Festive Gift Guide For The Homebody

It’s finally the holiday season! Yay Christmas! Yay gift giving! I’m here to make your gift shopping SO much easier. I’ve created several gift guides that I’m going to be posting all the way up until Christmas. I will be editing and updating them as the holiday season goes on so that you guys can see new deals, new items, and fabulous prices! Are there any gift guides that you want to see? Leave your suggestions in the comments or message me on Instagram because I would love to hear them! Also, it would really mean the world to me if you could use my links below to buy these items.

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Festive gift guide for the homebody:

  1. Fuzzy Babba Slippers!These are such a great gift because they’re such good quality and so cozy. The slippers are only $14 and some are $12! You can get them on Fuzzy Babba’s Website or you can buy them on Amazon (they’re prime, but they are a little more expensive through Amazon)! *35% off code: BLKFRI35!*
  2. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle: Bath & Body Works has the best candles and right now they’re on sale! So many options to choose from, so get shopping.
  3. Cable Knit Beanie: Does this one really need an explanation? It’s adorable, it’s only $16 and it’s on Amazon Prime. This comes in 10 colors so you have a lot of options.
  4. Pink Reindeer PJ’s: If you’re shopping for a homebody then you’re shopping for comfy things only! This PJ dress would be perfect.
  5. Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate: I think any flavor will do, but the sampler looks like the best deal (peppermint, original, salted caramel)! Just don’t forget to bring mini marshmallows.
  6. Elf PJ’s: Whoever you gift these to will have the coziest day in Christmas PJ’s watching Christmas movies.
  7. Festive Wine Glass: Might have to get this one for myself because I’m a sucker for festive wine glasses and Hallmark movies!
  8. 6ft Charger: This one has to be one of the best things on this list. Don’t underestimate the convenience of a 6ft phone charger while watching a movie. Everyone could use this.
  9. Cozy Blanket: Any cozy blanket will do, but I just loved the pom poms at the end of this one.

Again, I will be adding more to this list and finding new deals for you every day. Keep checking back for all things new. There’s a tab on my website’s homepage for Gift Guides and that is where you will be able to find them all. Please leave suggestions for Gift Guides you’d like to see because I love making them! Happy Holiday Season!! Don’t forget to use these links to shop!

With love, Melissa