A Perfect Picnic on Siesta Key

A couple of weeks ago I talked Mark into letting me make a little picnic for him and I that we could enjoy while watching sunset on the beach. This has probably been one of my favorite dates because it was relaxing and incredibly easy to put together. I’ll tell you what was needed to make this picnic happen, and then I will link everything I used down below!

I brought a towel and a cotton beach blanket to put down because if you only use a thin cotton blanket then the sand will usually get through. You don’t want sand all over you and your delicious food! I also brought along a small bag cooler containing a couple of ice packs, a trash bag, utensils, hand sanitizer and of course ThE fOoD. If you want to make this as easy as possible, which you will want to do because seagulls are ruthless, I suggest buying prepackaged foods. I’m currently going through a Lucky’s Market phase because there are so many (almost too many) options. Lucky’s always has freshly packaged food readily available and all for amazing prices. If you don’t have a Lucky’s Market near you I would suggest going to Publix, Whole Foods or Fresh Market.

Now, if you’re trying to get a ~photogenic~ picnic make sure it looks organized and don’t forget to add special touches. Before I packed everything up to go to the beach I put the juices I bought into mason jars, and I switched some of the prepackaged food into my favorite tupperware containers. If you want a perfect “golden hour” picture make sure that you have a wide variety of colors. Spend some time on it, but not too much time because remember the seagulls will find your picnic.

I wore a super comfy romper that I got from Target’s Juniors section. I didn’t realize I was wearing it incorrectly until I searched for the link, but it is what it is! The material is really stretchy, soft and light. I highly recommend it.



I hope that some of you will try this out! Do you guys have any easy summer date ideas? If so, leave your ideas in the comments. Can’t wait to read them.

With love, Melissa









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  1. Mark Miller
    July 6, 2018 / 5:08 pm

    Much enjoyed:)

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