8 Things I Always Have In My Purse: Abroad Edition

Making sure you have everything you need while you’re abroad taking day trips is stressful sometimes! These are the 8 things I keep in my purse at all times while I’m abroad.

8 Things You Need: 

  1. Portable Charger: I could not live without this charger. It is worth the money because it takes forever to die. I forgot to buy an EU adapter for my Amsterdam trip and was able to charge my phone for 3 nights without this charger dying. Don’t get cheap portable chargers because they break after a couple uses.
  2. Travel size wipes and hand sanitizer: I use these for wiping off my shoes if they get dirty, cleaning off my hands, wiping off plane seats and cleaning any scrapes. You can get hand sanitizer from almost anywhere, but I like the scents of the Bath and Body Works products. The goal while being abroad is staying healthy so wipe down those surface areas!
  3. Lip Shimmer: I use Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in the Guava shade. I love this because it keeps my lips moisturized and it looks like a natural lipstick.
  4. Pastie Petals: Is your bra uncomfortable? Time to switch it out for these petals! They are a life saver.
  5. Deodorant: Some days are longer than others so it’s always important to have deodorant on you for when you need it. Right now I just have a travel size deodorant, but I know plenty of people who use the Secret Freshies deodorant balls.
  6. Sunglasses: I always have my classic Rayban Aviators, but I have been loving these Rayban Round Metal Frame Sunnies.
  7. Small Wallet: It’s so important that you have a small wallet because you don’t want anything taking up too much room in your purse! If you’re looking to buy a new one then you might as well buy a cute one right? Kate Spade wallets are my favorite, and I usually save a lot of money on them by purchasing them at an outlet mall.
  8. Bandaids: When you travel in Europe you are walking everywhere!! So chances are at some point during your trip you’ll get a blister or two.

There are several other things that you’ll want to shove in your bag, but you don’t want to be lugging a heavy bag around all day, so stick to these basics! I hope this helps 🙂

With love, Melissa


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  1. August 3, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Bandaids and wipes are life savers! I always used to rely on my mum to provide but once I started bringing my own my life got a whole lot easier! Especially when flying back from a music festival with once white, now brown sneakers that needed immediate attention haha! x

    • August 4, 2018 / 6:12 am

      That’s exactly how I was! My converse and Adidas need my wipes attention always hahah x

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